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Process Analysis, Technology Planning, Vendor Due Diligence and Agreement Reviews, Project Management, Advisory Board Services

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We examine what organizations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in a fast-paced mortgage lending world and determine which ones are doing it best. We then strategize with our clients to understand the channels they support and known areas for improvement.  We identify the needs and expectations between owners, production, operations and technical leaders to establish a baseline of objectives.  Legacy processes and go forward objectives are documented and prioritized.  Transparency ensure buy in from department owners and leaders. Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you.

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Leverage years of experience to establish and document a technology roadmap that makes your company a leader in the industry.  Effective technology planning can streamline operations, reduce costs and improved service levels.  High functioning technology is a competitive requirement and a good platform acts as the foundation you can build from to meet your business objectives.  We offer the expertise to take your business to the next level within a realistic budget that ensures ROI.  Project plans are established to identify the detailed steps and resources necessary to ensure projects are properly implemented and can be supported.  These steps include establishing schedules, identifying configuration requirements, documenting integration requirements, establishing test plans, outlining a limited production roll out and, lastly, coordinating the production roll out to all users.  Production roll out plans will also include identifying SME training, Job Aids / Procedures and establishing user feedback processes.  At Urban Technology Change Consulting, we combine our insights gained from years of experience along with a deep knowledge of industry providers to transform your processes and strategic goals into practical technology objectives that get delivered on time and within scope.

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With years of experience in supporting mortgage technology Request For Proposals (RFP’s) we identify areas that should be considered to support your existing practices and will support your future needs.  We ensure that the resulting vendor agreements include language that aligns with their responses and demonstrations and clearly indicates the work required and the parties responsible for set-up and configuration.  We examine the scope of services that are identified and make recommendations that ensure project success.  Because most Lenders negotiate very few technology agreements it’s hard for them to ensure they are properly protected from poor vendor execution – including gaps in product or service performance and configuration or support resource requirements.  This can put the planned project at risk and create unplanned contractual obligations or liability for the Lender.  With hundreds of successful contract and agreement negotiations we can assist the Lender's analysis of fees, each party's obligations and negotiate terms that better align you for a successful implementation and a long-term collaborative partnership.

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Urban Technology Change Consulting supports Lenders who want to develop or implement new technology projects but need support to ensure that objectives are completed on time and within budget.  Our services focus on providing transparency in reporting, identifying resource challenges early on and properly supporting the change management process.  These steps eliminate “scope creep” that can create unnecessary project delays, keep a project from being successful or incur unplanned cost overruns.  Urban TCC can identify and track activities that can be completed in parallel vs critical path activities that must be completed sequentially.  This is accomplished by supporting the supervision of vendor and Lender team members' obligations, identifying resource challenges quickly and making recommendations to efficiently get projects back on track.  Our project management processes support incremental change objectives for long term objectives or targeted large-scale projects with multiple dependencies that must be managed to ensure success.  We help lenders build for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment using our deep mortgage lending and technology experience and by helping them make insightful decisions.

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Our advisory services can assist Lenders with establishing and implementing long range strategic planning or for larger technology initiatives, such as a Loan Origination System replacement.  This executive planning provides the leadership team with the confidence that internal resources, external resources and all impacted vendors are identified and aligned.  Aligning all stakeholders ensures company technology objectives will support operational goals - increased business, faster cycle times and reduced operational costs.  By having clearly defined and achievable plans in place the Lender’s expense becomes an investment.  Advisory services can also be used to prioritize projects for a Lender’s technology budget.  Often the budgeting process will include an analysis of the Lender’s Build, Buy or Partner options to ensure the expected ROI is obtained.  Our services provide significant expertise in aligning the leadership team’s expectations with results.

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